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Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Monday, 13 July 2015, 13:03   Subject: Re: [HELP] How To Create OPTWARE Instalation Package

Hi there,

I own two of these boxes but for years I've had problem setting them up and using them properly.

I have them both on RAID with 2x 1TB HDDs. I want to use one of ...
Post Forum: Upgrade problems   Posted: Friday, 03 October 2014, 21:02   Subject: MRT Quad Bricked And Needing Assistance

My MRT QuadBay giga NAS appears to be bricked. not too handy with soldering iron so looking for someone with experience to unbrick it for me.

anyone offering to help? I'll of course pa ...

Hi Patou,
I am back earlier than anticipated because:
after rebuilding about 60% of the NAS it behaves odd again!
Suddenly I do not have WRITE ACCESS, (Access denied) to my folder ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Saturday, 07 September 2013, 18:41   Subject: Re: NAS Doesn't Boot Up Anymore

Hi HWGuru,

As I told you before I have 2 disks in my NAS, no Raid..
System was installed first on ide4.
When I set the sleep time with hdparm for both disks, the behaivou ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Wednesday, 21 August 2013, 11:09   Subject: Again HELP: Cannot Access \public, Disk Util: Ext2, RAID0 Reports Ext3!

After the whopping responses to my last question (=0) I will try once more:

Without any helpful hints I tried myself, with mixed results:
- storing and re-importing the settings ...

Still anyone home? I know this box is ancient and sucked big time...

After years of (slow) storage service the box is acting up on me now, and I can't find a way to access the data anym ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Monday, 08 October 2012, 17:50   Subject: Missing Files After Power Cut

My Raid 1 NAS has run for over 3 years, last week the power went off while the NAS was on, after the power came back on and the NAS was booted up the public folder is empty. on checking the NAS throug ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Wednesday, 11 April 2012, 17:20   Subject: Adding New Hard Drive On Existing NAS

Hi everybody,

Actually, I have installed a single 500 GB Maxtor Hard drive on my two NAS. I ...
Post Forum: Raidsonic/Stardom SL3620-2S-LB2 NAS   Posted: Monday, 16 January 2012, 15:38   Subject: Re: Icy Box Ib-nas4220 Doesn't Keep The Setting After Reboot

during the weekend I tried to settings again the NAS, at this time with disks (2*WD10EACS) connected.
I did the setting through the search tool and then I have accessed the UI.
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Friday, 16 September 2011, 18:31   Subject: Re: HELP: Nas Not Booting

So I booted on linux and ran the tests on the system partition of both disks separately as i have only one sata available.
Some errors were found and repaired on the second disk.

Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Saturday, 10 September 2011, 20:38   Subject: Re: HELP: Nas Not Booting

in the meantime I connected a serial adapter and could successfully communicate with the device.

I'll attach two log files:
-one where no hdd was connected
-one where both ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Saturday, 06 August 2011, 09:52   Subject: Re: Automatic Executing Scripts Even After Reboot

YARON wrote: [ ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Friday, 05 August 2011, 15:13   Subject: Re: Automatic Executing Scripts Even After Reboot

You mentioned that you installed the RSYNC packaged....
Can you post a download link ?
Is it only a client / only a server / or maybe both ?
As for your original quest ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Tuesday, 25 January 2011, 05:55   Subject: Raid 1 With Out Of Date Disk And Now GigaNas Wont Start

I have a gigaNAS which suffered a power failure.

whenever I power up the gigaNAS, I have to have a terminal attached to the serial port, otherwise the device doesn't start. (not th ...
Post Forum: Raidsonic/Stardom SL3620-2S-LB2 NAS   Posted: Saturday, 01 January 2011, 14:24   Subject: Firmware Upgrade - How And Where?

I'll finally got the SL3620-2S-LB2 up and running after it has collected dust for a year now.
For now I run the firmware that came with the box Firmware Version 1.21B , but have had two instanc ...
Post Forum: General   Posted: Sunday, 12 December 2010, 12:43   Subject: Planet NAS-7101 And Torrent Server

Hello! Ask for help from you. There is my Planet NAS-7101 and torrent server. Both are connected to the router DI-804HV. The problem is that I can not give away his hand on his
torrent server. ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Sunday, 12 December 2010, 01:13   Subject: Which Port To Forward To Use The NAS To NAS Backup In Different Locations???

I want to use the inbuilt NAS to NAS utility to mirror the data on the two NAS boxes at my home and office. But the utility only allows you to enter the ip address without being able to specify the po ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Thursday, 09 September 2010, 01:46   Subject: Now Is Formatting The Disk ,Please Wait And Don't Do Anything ...

Hi All, I have 2 of this NAS, absolutely identical, it changes only the name and IP.
Also disks inside are the same, nothing is different.
The firmware installed is G5S604110026700
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Friday, 20 August 2010, 02:23   Subject: Think Twice Before Buying A Quad Bay GIGABIT-NAS!!

i live in France* and own a quad bay GIGABIT-NAS from MRT i bought to a reseller in Australia through EBAY.

It did n't last long (few month) before the power supply was down.
It ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Thursday, 19 August 2010, 13:15   Subject: Re: Max HD Size

Excellent, thanks for the link! Upgrade took just fine, and now even with multiple transfer to/from the box (which is still very much too slow IMHO), at least the SSH console and web GUI are both res ...
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