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Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Thursday, 19 June 2014, 00:18   Subject: Re: Any Hope Of Data Recovery ?

oops, sorry, wrong section, it is the (IDE&SATA) version of the MRT Nas dual
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Wednesday, 18 June 2014, 22:44   Subject: Any Hope Of Data Recovery ?

I have a dual NAS which I was running (at work) with a single disc using ext2 and encryption. 160gb IDE.

Typically while I was on holiday something went wrong and the file was showing i ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Sunday, 06 April 2014, 23:16   Subject: Re: New FIRMWARE And Official Download Site!

clbrk wrote: [ ...

Thanks, but too late; I do recall that SMB was active and the system log was written to.
Oddly all was reported 'OK', yet the \public folder could not be opened from remote locations.
< ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Friday, 06 September 2013, 20:31   Subject: Re: NAS Doesn't Boot Up Anymore

HWguru wrote: [
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Friday, 06 September 2013, 17:15   Subject: Re: NAS Doesn't Boot Up Anymore

Thanks HwGuru for your informations..
But there are not so good news....I'll try to find out where those capacitors are on the mainboard.. The external power supply seems to work correctly... < ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Friday, 06 September 2013, 11:48   Subject: Re: NAS Doesn't Boot Up Anymore

I don't think that the battery is important and maybe only for the realtime clock.

All settings you made through the gui are stored on the disk itself.
So if you plug ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Wednesday, 21 August 2013, 11:09   Subject: Again HELP: Cannot Access \public, Disk Util: Ext2, RAID0 Reports Ext3!

After the whopping responses to my last question (=0) I will try once more:

Without any helpful hints I tried myself, with mixed results:
- storing and re-importing the settings ...

Still anyone home? I know this box is ancient and sucked big time...

After years of (slow) storage service the box is acting up on me now, and I can't find a way to access the data anym ...

I had a power failure and now when I switch my NAS drive on it its does not have the raid system setup on it any more.

I can log in and the web GUI just show the 4 drives installed but ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Monday, 08 October 2012, 17:50   Subject: Missing Files After Power Cut

My Raid 1 NAS has run for over 3 years, last week the power went off while the NAS was on, after the power came back on and the NAS was booted up the public folder is empty. on checking the NAS throug ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Monday, 01 October 2012, 18:09   Subject: Re: Adding A HDD To A JBOD Not Working

I think that you can't add a new HDD to a RAID system with theses NAS. You must copy all data from RAID to anywhere and then remake a new RAID with the 3 HDD. Good Luck!
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Monday, 01 October 2012, 17:59   Subject: Re: Hard Drive Questions

If your HDD are ok then It seems that your RAID system is broken. It will be very difficult recover data. Sorry.
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Saturday, 22 September 2012, 12:47   Subject: Adding A HDD To A JBOD Not Working

Hi all,
I tried adding a new HDD to my nas config.
I have a 35HD-QUAD-NAS and 2 drives of 1 tera each
the system is on a JBOD ext3
I bought another tera to add it to my Jb ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Thursday, 12 April 2012, 21:20   Subject: Re: Adding New Hard Drive On Existing NAS

Hi ,

To explain more what I want to do :
I have actually one 500 GB HDD installed on the NAS.
Can I add a second drive without using Raid or JBOD function and without loo ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Tuesday, 17 January 2012, 14:50   Subject: Hard Drive Questions

Hi everybody,

I have been using the quad nas since 2009 without any problems. Since few days I realized that certain issues started to occur and finally I am almost without data. The NA ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Thursday, 01 December 2011, 15:38   Subject: Re: Firmware For 35HD-DUAL-NAS IDE ?

petewxm wrote: [
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Tuesday, 20 September 2011, 08:59   Subject: Re: HELP: Nas Not Booting

If you don't have a backup it is high noon.

I would try to copy the data and then rebuild the system from scratch.

Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Monday, 19 September 2011, 10:45   Subject: Re: HELP: Nas Not Booting

Indeed, when no disks are connected the nas boots up properly.

Unfortunately 1 disk started to smoke just now. Don't know why... Now I'm really stumped...

I don't think i ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Monday, 12 September 2011, 09:50   Subject: Re: HELP: Nas Not Booting

After installing "Ext2 IFS for Windows" I could assign a drive letter but Windows doesn't recognise the file system. So I now also installed "Diskinternals - LinuxReader" and I can ...
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