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Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Monday, 13 July 2015, 13:03   Subject: Re: [HELP] How To Create OPTWARE Instalation Package

Hi there,

I own two of these boxes but for years I've had problem setting them up and using them properly.

I have them both on RAID with 2x 1TB HDDs. I want to use one of ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Sunday, 06 April 2014, 23:16   Subject: Re: New FIRMWARE And Official Download Site!

clbrk wrote: [ ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Saturday, 07 September 2013, 18:41   Subject: Re: NAS Doesn't Boot Up Anymore

Hi HWGuru,

As I told you before I have 2 disks in my NAS, no Raid..
System was installed first on ide4.
When I set the sleep time with hdparm for both disks, the behaivou ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Friday, 06 September 2013, 17:15   Subject: Re: NAS Doesn't Boot Up Anymore

Thanks HwGuru for your informations..
But there are not so good news....I'll try to find out where those capacitors are on the mainboard.. The external power supply seems to work correctly... < ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Monday, 18 June 2012, 14:31   Subject: Re: Lindy Dual Hdd Nas

ok had look myself and it look like it is the 35hd and i have downloaded G5S504020033B36.tar.gz is this the right firmware ??
if so do i need to extract the files from inside or do i just point ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Tuesday, 12 June 2012, 10:04   Subject: Question About Kraun KR.QD - NAS 4 Baie Gigabit

I bought this product used:
http://www.kraun.it/pa ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Thursday, 12 April 2012, 21:20   Subject: Re: Adding New Hard Drive On Existing NAS

Hi ,

To explain more what I want to do :
I have actually one 500 GB HDD installed on the NAS.
Can I add a second drive without using Raid or JBOD function and without loo ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Sunday, 28 August 2011, 15:28   Subject: Re: Useful Tools

hello to all,
itīs posible to upload the files again ?

local_apps.tar.gz/, the first post !

Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Saturday, 06 August 2011, 09:52   Subject: Re: Automatic Executing Scripts Even After Reboot

YARON wrote: [ ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Saturday, 28 May 2011, 19:11   Subject: Re: Latest Firmware

Several months later i found this...

It's time to upgrade to 704.

*** G5S604110026704.tar.gz
1.Fix SL-5121 PHY unable to obain DHCP IP
2.Boot time set to 2 ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Wednesday, 25 May 2011, 18:16   Subject: NFS Issue

Hello All,
I have a Quad-Giganas since 2 years, worked great all the time, no complaints!
Product Name : QUAD-HDD-NAS
Firmware Version : G5S604120026302

It has b ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Wednesday, 11 May 2011, 22:04   Subject: Dual NAS - Bricked Or Being Stubborn?

Hi, first post ;), so i,ll try to give as much info as possible

Just picked up a NAS unit, which by googling, i have identified it as an MRT NAS R200.

It was given to me ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Thursday, 14 April 2011, 03:03   Subject: Re: Basic Mode -> Raid1; And Rebuilding Raid

In case anyone is interested I found that the rebuilding is done automatically.

The disk to be replaced has to be unmounted before being physically removed. It was not apparent which p ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Sunday, 03 April 2011, 00:08   Subject: Install Severals DLNA Media Server - New DMS Package 1.1a

Hi Folks!!
I have actually installed Sybas DLNA software version 1.11 on the NAS.
On the websiteEmb ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Sunday, 06 February 2011, 01:52   Subject: Re: Newer Twonky Release?

I used VI, the build in editor for linux. First you have to stop Twonkymedia-Server. Then open a telnet session to your NAS and cd /mnt/ide(1/2/3/4)/local/twonkymedia/resources and vi cilents.db . A ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Thursday, 03 February 2011, 17:57   Subject: RedBoot Kernel Image Format


I got two old 35HD-DUAL-NAS SATA Devices. I like to have OpenWrt on it, I like the console. Okay thats difficult because only Gemini Devices are supported in OpenWrt.
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Tuesday, 25 January 2011, 05:58   Subject: Re: Smart Failed

First thing to do is copy all of you files off of the gigaNAS before the suspect drive fails. As you are using JBOD, all of your files are effectively lost once the suspect drive fails - which it is ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Sunday, 02 January 2011, 15:15   Subject: Re: Latest Firmware

Well, I must admit that it's kinda frustrating not receiving any answer in a while. It seems that there is not so much "life on mars"
Post Forum: NAS-G101 NAS DONGLE   Posted: Thursday, 09 December 2010, 11:54   Subject: Some Information About NAS G101

Today I got my device. First I have opened the cover:
It is a big disappointment. The main processor is a CAVIUM CNS-2183.
The ram is 256Mbit Nanya nt5ds16m16cs
I think the flash ...
Post Forum: General   Posted: Thursday, 18 November 2010, 16:34   Subject: Installing Transmission 2.12 On 35HD-Dual-NAS-E

Hi all,

This is my first post, I would like to install Transmission 2.12 (the latest version) on my Giganas.

I have looked into it a little bit and I think I understand ...
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