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Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Thursday, 19 June 2014, 00:18   Subject: Re: Any Hope Of Data Recovery ?

oops, sorry, wrong section, it is the (IDE&SATA) version of the MRT Nas dual
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Wednesday, 18 June 2014, 22:44   Subject: Any Hope Of Data Recovery ?

I have a dual NAS which I was running (at work) with a single disc using ext2 and encryption. 160gb IDE.

Typically while I was on holiday something went wrong and the file was showing i ...

mw210461 wrote: [
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Monday, 02 September 2013, 12:28   Subject: Re: Where To Get Additional Software (Upnp/DLNA) For My 35HD-Dual-NAS-E?

Thanks a lot patou...

patou7067 ha scritto: [
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Monday, 02 September 2013, 09:55   Subject: Re: Where To Get Additional Software (Upnp/DLNA) For My 35HD-Dual-NAS-E?

talpottolo wrote: [
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Friday, 21 September 2012, 22:32   Subject: Re: Where To Get Additional Software (Upnp/DLNA) For My 35HD-Dual-NAS-E?

PaulB3 wrote: [
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Saturday, 15 September 2012, 15:38   Subject: Re: Where To Get Additional Software (Upnp/DLNA) For My 35HD-Dual-NAS-E?

PaulB3 wrote: [
Post Forum: Raidsonic/Stardom SL3620-2S-LB2 NAS   Posted: Wednesday, 27 June 2012, 07:23   Subject: Re: Raidon SL3620 Questions

Hi There,

so I hope someone is still out there....

I have ruined my NAS drive ...
Post Forum:  Gemini SL3516   Posted: Thursday, 26 January 2012, 12:06   Subject: Re: JTAG Pinout

storlink_123 ha scritto: [
Post Forum: General   Posted: Wednesday, 11 January 2012, 12:13   Subject: New hosting...

Due to the high cost of hosting, I decided to transfer the site to another provider, I hope this will not bring problems in the future in terms of performance.
In any case, if you have any prob ...
Post Forum: OpenWRT porting   Posted: Tuesday, 03 January 2012, 17:14   Subject: Re: Where Can I Find The Openwrt Port?

Hi, and have a happy new year!

I've been looking for some time for a port of openwrt for Raidsonic IcyBox 4210. I only found something for 4220. I hope they are quite similar, differing ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Sunday, 04 December 2011, 17:43   Subject: Re: Firmware For 35HD-DUAL-NAS IDE ?

dan wrote: [Vi ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Monday, 17 October 2011, 14:07   Subject: Re: HELP: Nas Not Booting

I acquired two new disks, I made a byte to byte copy of the old one which is still "working" so now I have a backup (I hope)

next I tried booting up the nas with only the othe ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Tuesday, 02 August 2011, 11:41   Subject: Re: Cannot Install Applicatons

I had the same problem and I solved updating tha last firmware that I found (but firmware was the same version) After update the install option appears. Try update again with the same version of the f ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Wednesday, 06 July 2011, 12:12   Subject: Re: NFS Issue

mmmmmmm I don't know why don't work. Ok, try the next:

mount -o casesensitive=yes -u:root -p:xxx // x:

and put the root password. If do ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Tuesday, 07 June 2011, 11:50   Subject: Re: NFS Issue

Maybe it's a stupid question but do you have try with mount // x:\

and try mount // x:\ -o username=user%xxx where xxx ...
Post Forum: Ipkg    Posted: Saturday, 07 May 2011, 10:43   Subject: Re: Mediatomb Install

ziomaruo wrote: [
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Monday, 07 February 2011, 18:54   Subject: Re: I've Lost My Root Password! (SOLVED)

frednet ha scritto: [
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Friday, 04 February 2011, 21:33   Subject: Re: GigaNAS Bricket Need Help

I hope you find someone in UK that can help you.
In case let us know... there's some tutorial really simple to follow.

Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Friday, 19 November 2010, 09:19   Subject: Is It A 35HD-Dual-NAS ??

Hi everyone - hope somebody can help.

I recently aquired what I think is a 35HD-Dual-NAS. It looks identical to the pictures on the site.
It is labled Dual HDD NAS (might be a cl ...
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