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Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Wednesday, 18 June 2014, 22:44   Subject: Any Hope Of Data Recovery ?

I have a dual NAS which I was running (at work) with a single disc using ext2 and encryption. 160gb IDE.

Typically while I was on holiday something went wrong and the file was showing i ...


Do you have access to the NAS via the WEB Gui ??

I don't know what kind of Computer/OS you have.. I have Windows 7 or XP...
Telnet can be used to acces folde ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Monday, 27 August 2012, 02:01   Subject: Re: Users/Groups Vanished Using Tinky 2.3.2-mu-02

Hmmmm.....if I remember rightly, I was unable to log into the web GUI / ?landing page and (may have!!) used the reset button on the back before assigning a new admin password (to what I thought it was ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Sunday, 26 August 2012, 23:40   Subject: Users/Groups Vanished Using Tinky 2.3.2-mu-02

Hi all.

I'm looking for some help with a big problem

I moved house some mont ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Wednesday, 03 August 2011, 08:24   Subject: HOWTO: Install Optware

Hi all,
I was able to install a working version of optware but had to search for the bits and pieces all over the internet. Below a small step by step tutorial to get it working on your MRT de ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Wednesday, 06 July 2011, 12:12   Subject: Re: NFS Issue

mmmmmmm I don't know why don't work. Ok, try the next:

mount -o casesensitive=yes -u:root -p:xxx // x:

and put the root password. If do ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Saturday, 18 June 2011, 13:06   Subject: Re: NFS Issue

Hola Azafeto!
Thanks a lot for the help.
I did try that, and it came back with the following:
Usage: mount [-o options] [-u:username] [-p:<password>] <computername> ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Tuesday, 07 June 2011, 11:50   Subject: Re: NFS Issue

Maybe it's a stupid question but do you have try with mount // x:\

and try mount // x:\ -o username=user%xxx where xxx ...
Post Forum: 35HD-QUAD-NAS   Posted: Wednesday, 25 May 2011, 18:16   Subject: NFS Issue

Hello All,
I have a Quad-Giganas since 2 years, worked great all the time, no complaints!
Product Name : QUAD-HDD-NAS
Firmware Version : G5S604120026302

It has b ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Wednesday, 11 May 2011, 22:04   Subject: Dual NAS - Bricked Or Being Stubborn?

Hi, first post ;), so i,ll try to give as much info as possible

Just picked up a NAS unit, which by googling, i have identified it as an MRT NAS R200.

It was given to me ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Tuesday, 08 March 2011, 10:55   Subject: Disk Encryption, Where Is The Password Stored ?

Hi guys, great resource you have here.

I have a 35HD-DUAL-NAS IDE which I am setting up as our network storage. I have tried to setup the disk encryption but am slightly worried by the ...
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Monday, 07 February 2011, 18:54   Subject: Re: I've Lost My Root Password! (SOLVED)

frednet ha scritto: [
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Monday, 07 February 2011, 18:47   Subject: Re: Web Gui Interface - Admin Password Lost

Amisoft ha scritto: [
Post Forum:  35HD-DUAL-NAS (IDE&SATA)   Posted: Saturday, 29 January 2011, 19:52   Subject: Web Gui Interface - Admin Password Lost

I have a NAS 2000 (twinky 2.2 mu) which I have not use for some time. When I decided to swith it on once again I found that it does not recognize the root password on the GUI interface. ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Friday, 28 January 2011, 20:52   Subject: Firewall?

A little piece from /var/log/messages from my nas:

Jan 28 14:52:59 GigaNAS sshd[4434]: Failed password for root from port 35781 ssh2
Jan 28 14:53:00 GigaNAS sshd[ ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Sunday, 23 January 2011, 01:07   Subject: Re: Newer Twonky Release?

sglider wrote: [
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Saturday, 08 January 2011, 16:19   Subject: Re: Newer Twonky Release?

sglider ha scritto: [
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Saturday, 08 January 2011, 13:38   Subject: Re: Newer Twonky Release?

The version this NAS work is the little endian for ARM with glibc, to test just get off this version: Linux ARM little endian glibc 2.2.5:

Post Forum: Raidsonic/Stardom SL3620-2S-LB2 NAS   Posted: Wednesday, 05 January 2011, 22:34   Subject: Webmin Or PHP, MySql, Perl

I've got half a server running on my Raidsonic rl360 here. It's using the updated firmware and torrentflux, but I'm having trouble accessing the mysql databases. I tried root, admin, deamon and the co ...
Post Forum: 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E   Posted: Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 16:05   Subject: Re: [HELP] How To Create OPTWARE Instalation Package

All is working, thank you so much...

DocBrown ha scritto: [
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